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Before and After – Just another random blog post!

I wish I had the time to blog more, it’s actually really fun but when it comes to editing and trying to achieve quicker turn-around times for wedding images the blogging gets put on the bottom of the pile.  Today I’ve been editing since 7:30am and it’s going on 7:30pm so I thought I’d reward myself with some photo babbling….aka…blog posting!

I thought it would be fun to show what I mean by editing, taking an image SOOC (straight out of the camera) and polishing it up to get a beautiful finished product.  All of my images gets some type of editing – whether it’s color correcting, fixing an exposure, giving it a fun crop…the list could go on and on….mostly, the fun extra touches that makes an image that separates the professionals from the “Uncle Bobs” that have a nice camera….no offense to any Uncle Bobs – they take great pictures too!

Here’s one of the gorgeous girls I shot for her senior session – starting with the SOOC image.


It was getting late in the evening and we were shooting in the shade so the image came out a bit too cool and it needed a little contrast boost. So I color corrected it and brightened it a bit.

She has beautiful skin but I did touch up a few of the small blemishes…my favorite skin retoucher is Totally Rad’s Pro Retouch Action….and they recently came out with the new Pro Retouch 2 that is supposed to blow any other retouching tool out of the water!!!!

and then to finish it off I added a little color pop and a slight vignette and it’s good to go!!! 🙂

I’m always pretty careful about polishing up an image so that it looks finished and beautiful while keeping the skin beautiful without looking over done or plastic.   I’m going to try to add some before and after shots every few weeks just for fun…so stay tuned !!!






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