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The Start of The Unconditional Love Project

So one of the photographers that I idolize said in a seminar that every photographer should have a life long photography project; whether it’s photographing flags, crosses, people laughing, empty park benches…whatever it is that fancies you.  Pick it, stay with it, and perfect it.  It’s just another way to always be looking at everything as a possible picture or portrait or art.  There’s art everywhere around us and it helps train you to constantly be looking and searching for it.  It’s taken me one year to decide what I wanted to photograph forever and it’s so simple it should have hit me square in the jaw.  I love dogs, I love people that loves dogs, I foster dogs, I love the people that adopt foster dogs, I love bridal couples that bring dogs to engagement sessions…or better yet the wedding….you get the idea – I’m a dog person and so The Unconditional Love Project begins.  At the park yesterday I met Donna who was there with her 8 month old Portuguese Water dog named Lisbon….how cute is he?

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