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Photoshop Friday|| before & after

With the 2012 wedding season coming to an end in a few weeks it will be time to start my 14 hour editing days  – it’s the not-so-glamorous part of the job.  This image from last week’s wedding is a perfect example of the difference between a “shoot and burn it” photographer, or one that values the quality of their product they give their clients.  It was so much fun having a pub to use for Katie and Jay’s wedding pictures but being the time of year it is – there were Halloween cobwebs over everything.  It took me about 15 minutes to remove the two webbed light fixtures  on this one image.  Do I do editing like that on every single picture?  NO, it would take me 6 months to edit one wedding and that wouldn’t be very productive.  However, do I edit like that on images I know that are going to ROCK? Heck Yes!

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