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Joe & Erica are Married! Italian American Club, Livonia, MI

Oh, how I loved this wedding – let me count the ways!   Erica’s dress was a Maggie Soterro dress from Elizabeth’s Bridal Manor in Northville, MI, and it was so beautiful.   The cake was done by Elite Sweets out of Livonia – it was one of the prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen, and the center pieces and flowers were done by Wedding Celebrations & Creations, Canton.  Every detail of this wedding was so classy and elegant.  I truly felt honored to be their wedding photographer and what a fun wedding to blog!

With digital photography so easily available to all – I seem to have the same conversation over and over with friends or clients  about if it takes away from or can it replace a wedding photographer.  Wedding photography is so much more than having a camera and pointing and shooting, or going down a “check list” of images to capture.  It is not about just  being able to expose correctly, or capture an image in focus – it is about capturing moments that get lost in the chaos of the day, being able to be a fly on the wall and not an elephant in the room charging through, it’s about knowing when to let the bride take a moment to regroup after her and her mom start crying after looking at each other, it’s going with the flow of the wedding and being able to direct when called for and being a bystander when needed.  Being a professional wedding photographer is being able to find light for portraits, locations that no one else can see, poses that flatter a bride, being silly to get a flower girl to smile, capturing all the events of the day, the emotions of the day…and the beauty of the day.   I sent out a challenge to some of my photography friends to do a “what is wedding photography” blog and I’m so happy to be able to share Joe and Erica’s wedding in such a special way 🙂







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Michelle & Joe are married! River Birch Lodge Wedding, Hartland MI

I was so excited to be able to photograph another wedding at the River Birch Lodge.  There really isn’t anything else like it in Michigan.  Michelle and Joe are from Colorado but the family is in Michigan so the venue was perfect for them – in Michigan but with a “lodge” feel.  I had so much fun shooting this wedding, Michelle is so photogenic and absolutely adorable and I loved that her and Joe would “ham it up” for the camera.  The entire bridal was so much fun and was game for anything which always makes for great pictures.  Here are some of the highlights of their day.





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Quinn & Julia – Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!!

This blog is going to start as a blog about Julia and Quinn but then take a quick turn to a story about what a small world it is – but before we get to that let me just say how nice it was to spend some time with Julia and Quinn for their anniversary shoot.  They are so easy to photograph, all I would have to do is to start a pose and they quickly just fall into being themselves and hugging and playing and hugging some more….it really makes my job easy.  They brought their new addition for the shoot and everyone knows I LOVE when people bring their dogs – it always adds a layer of chaos that I love….but now let me get to the “it’s a small world” story.  My husband Al and I started fostering for the Big Dog Rescue of Michigan about 3 months ago and have had a steady stream of puppies more puppies and even more puppies.  Well – when Julia and Quinn showed up at my house for their shoot Julia stopped dead in her tracks….apparently her best friend had sent Julia a photo of the very puppy we had at our house that she wanted to adopt, well after some speed texting and some “omg…what a small world!” from all of us – the puppy did indeed get adopted by her friend, and to add even more to the coincidence her friend is on our street all the time and we’ve been lucky enough to see them both from time to time 🙂  So the picture at the bottom of the blog is of the happy adopted and adopters…I love how life works out!!!

and the happy family that found eachother 🙂






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Sam & Emily are married!! Eagle Eye Golf Course, Lansing MI

Samily (not a lot of names can do that so you have to go for it if you can!) got married at St. Patrick’s in Portland, MI.  The church was beautiful, the day was sunny, and everyone was in the best mood!  I love Sam and Emily’s love story – girl needs roommate, enter Sam, Sam and Emily live together (roommates only), Sam moves out, Emily plants the seed, Sam catches on, girl and boy start dating…..finally…enter wedding photographer!!!! It’s a story that Hollywood would make a film about – very “When Harry Met Sally”.  They are a match made in Heaven and I was so lucky to be the one they chose to photograph their wedding.  I was in tears laughing at Sam’s brother’s speech, and I was moved to tears by Emily’s sister’s speech – this was truly a very heartfelt, full of love, full of laughter wedding! …and I can’t forget to mention  –  I LOVED Emily’s shoes and her hair was one of my all time favorites!!!!  She looked beautiful!!!!



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