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Jen & Dave are married!!! Howell Opera House Wedding

I have waited a long time for this particular blog and I am giddy with excitement to write it.    If I had the opportunity for my own wedding re-do I would duplicate everything about this wedding….from the venue to the entertainment, the horse drawn carriage, to the smaller more intimate crowd…EVERYTHING!!!  Even the cupcakes!  From the moment I got to the church I felt so welcomed by everyone in the family.  I truly felt like part of the event; part guest, part photographer,  and part concert goer.  The venue was at the Howell Opera House (one of my top fav venues..check it out www.theoperahouse.us)  it’s cozy, romantic and a great location for photo opportunities – really…if you haven’t picked a venue it’s really cool!  When I originally met with Jennifer she told me they were having a 17-18 piece band for the wedding and I’m not sure what I was thinking but nothing could have prepared me for the Rhythm Society Orchestra www.rhythmsociety.net .  I know I’m going to sound like a dork but it brought me to tears (again probably not that big of a shocker since I cry at every wedding but this brought on goosebumps for the coolness factor as well).  They were so amazing and the way the crowd reacted was something I’ll remember to the day I die, it made 70 year olds dance like they were 18 again, and introduced younger people to an era of music that is magical.  The dance floor was packed the entire night.  I sang, I photographed, I laughed, I applauded for an encore and I never wanted it to end!!!

This is the bench where Dave proposed 🙂




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Tim & Savannah are married!

I don’t even know where to start to describe how wonderful Tim and Savannah’s wedding was.  I guess I should first explain that Savannah is Native American ( the Little River Band of the Ottowa Indians) and incorporated Native American traditions into the ceremony.  I feel so lucky to have been part of their day and been able to share and witness such a special wedding.  Savannah looked so stunning in her Pnina Tornai wedding gown and her leopard print shoes added such a fun splash of color.  The ceremony took place outdoors at the Manistee National Golf Course and then the reception followed at the Little River Casino.  Every detail was perfect down to the Pocahontas and John Smith wedding topper!

I had so much fun shooting this wedding along side with my 2nd shooter , Lisa Hodock….I sometimes have to pinch myself that this is my job,  I feel so lucky!!!!




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Aaron & Jessica’s Wedding – Crystal Gardens, Howell MI

After meeting Aaron and Jessica  you immediately feel like they are just friends and you are  “hanging out” having fun.  They are so sweet and so laid back and wonderful to work with and they have the most awesome dog ever!!!  When they came over to talk wedding plans they brought Jazmine, their great dane – who was screaming “take my picture, take my picture”!  I’m putting some of Jazmine’s pictures up with their wedding post, just because I love her!

Aaron and Jessica got married in Howell and had their reception at Crystal Gardens.  One great thing about Crystal Gardens is they have a wonderful lobby to take portraits in case of a wedding day rainout….not only was there rain, there was a tornado, tornado sirens, trees falling on houses – it was crazy!  I did manage to get a few shots of the guys outdoors before the weather went crazy.  Towards the end of the church formals the sirens started and we packed up and hit the road for Crystal Gardens.  Thinking back – being on the road in a tornado might not be the best spot, but the life of a wedding photographer can be dangerous…okay, not really, but my middle name isn’t “Danger” for nothing 🙂










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Kati & Patrick – Davison, MI, Wedding

Kati and Patrick’s wedding was on a beautiful sunny 104 degree heat index day….that’s right – temp felt like it was over 100….eeks!  Did anyone let that stop them for having a wonderful time?  No way!  It was beautiful ceremony and Kati was breathtaking coming down the aisle.  I think that is my favorite part of every ceremony – when the bride appears at the end of the aisle and everyone stands to get a first glimpse of her.  I think that has to be a father’s most proud moment of a lifetime.

After the ceremony we braved it outdoors to get 20 minutes of quick bridal party shots.  I’m so glad they did that, those are always my favorite pictures….mosquito bites and all 🙂  I do believe that the mosquitoes are bigger in Davison.

Here’s some highlights from the wedding – what a beautiful couple!!!





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